Azure med ISO 27018 tar dataintegritet på allvar

Det är en något gammal nyhet eftersom Microsoft blev tilldelade ISO/IEC 27018 redan den 16:e februari men absolut värd att ta upp.
Microsoft med Azure och Office365 är den första molnleverantören som efterlever ISO 27018 och bevisar ännu mer att dom tar säkerhet och integritet på allvar. läs mer om ISO/IEC 27018 samt mer direkt från Microsoft. För att se alla certifieringar och säkerhetsstandarder som Azure efterlever kolla in Azure Trust Center.

Varför är det intressant? (jag kopierar direkt från Microsoft så det inte tappas information i översättning)

  • You are in control of your data.
    Our adherence to the standard ensures that we only process personally identifiable information according to the instructions that you provide to us as our customer.
  • You know what’s happening with your data.
    Adherence to the standard ensures transparency about our policies regarding the return, transfer, and deletion of personal information you store in our data centers. We’ll not only let you know where your data is, but if we work with other companies who need to access your data, we’ll let you know who we’re working with. In addition, if there is unauthorized access to personally identifiable information or processing equipment or facilities resulting in the loss, disclosure or alteration of this information, we’ll let you know about this.
  • We provide strong security protection for your data.
    Adherence to ISO 27018 provides a number of important security safeguards. It ensures that there are defined restrictions on how we handle personally identifiable information, including restrictions on its transmission over public networks, storage on transportable media, and proper processes for data recovery and restoration efforts. In addition, the standard ensures that all of the people, including our own employees, who process personally identifiable information must be subject to a confidentiality obligation.
  • Your data won’t be used for advertising.
    Enterprise customers are increasingly expressing concerns about cloud service providers using their data for advertising purposes without consent. The adoption of this standard reaffirms our longstanding commitment not to use enterprise customer data for advertising purposes.
  • We inform you about government access to data.
    The standard requires that law enforcement requests for disclosure of personally identifiable data must be disclosed to you as an enterprise customer, unless this disclosure is prohibited by law. We’ve already adhered to this approach (and more), and adoption of the standard reinforces this commitment.

Kontakta oss om du vill veta mer om säkerheten eller annat kring Azure!