Increase Azure core limit

I ran into an interesting limitation when I tried to deploy a new virtual machine under Resource Manager in Azure. This post explains how to increase azure core limit.

The error message I received was:

statusMessage:{“error”:{“code”:”OperationNotAllowed”,”message”:”Operation results in exceeding quota limits of Core. Maximum allowed: 10, Current in use: 10, Additional requested: 3.”}}
This baffled me, and I started to google. I was not aware there was limits on core and other stuff in Azure. After some research I came across this document which explained the limitations quite well.
So there is actually a limitation on 10 cores per subscription and region for Resource Manager VM’s and 20 cores for Classic VM’s.

So for example if you need 30 cores in a subscription in North Europe it will not work “of the shelf”.

So what is the solution to increase Azure core limit?

The good news is that you can increase the limit!

For classics VM’s theres is a predefined selection under the support ticket in the preview portal, very well explained here.

BUT and this is a big but, for Resource Manger virtual machines you also need to file a support ticket but that request must be presented to the Microsoft Capacity Team which then says GO or NO GO.

When i opened several support tickets for my and our customers subscription it all went through but it took 4 days.

To Microsoft defence, the limitations are probably so “bad” users can’t loop building environments in eternity, although I think they could increase the default limit.

So the lessons learned are to open support tickets proactively for environments you know will grow over 10-20 cores before you have to have your stuff yesterday and have to wait for the support ticket.

Also have a look at the other soft limitations.

Good Luck!