Satya Nadella – All Hail The King

I had the privilege to attend the Microsoft event in Stockholm today which the CEO of the same company, Satya Nadella was headlining. The focus of the speech was AI, Cloud (Azure of course), Dynamics and Office 365.

He also did a bit on developer tools which I liked since that is a big part of our daily work.
And right now Microsoft owns the number one and two developer tools on the market, Github and Visual Studio Code.

One other specific point which is cool is that the new DataCenters in Sweden (Located in Gävle and Sandviken) will be fueled with 100% renewable energy.
Satya Nadella Dev ToolsSatya Nadella Swedish Datacenter 100% env friendly.

But what I’m most proud of is that 3 out of 6 customer cases presented we work with and help with Azure! Sandvik, Anticimex and Volvo. Both Microsoft and Redeploy has come a long way (no that I compare our success in parity with Microsoft 🙂 )

This is in every way due to our competent team of employees, and keeping true to our vision and not budging into the easy way and selling our souls or what we believe and stand for as a Company. Much so like Satya Nadella and Microsoft.

So thanks Microsoft and Satya Nadella for a good event, and thanks Redeploy team to be able to work with the best companies and technology!
You can watch the whole event here.

Satya Nadella AnticimexSatya Nadella Sandvik