We're your go-to Azure partner

Take your environment to Azure with our Migration Services, an efficient and secure path to the cloud. Get all the benefits of Azure and make the most of your cloud investment - Our consultants help you with all aspects of Azure. When in Cloud, stay in control of your Azure resources with our CloudOps services, tailored for how things are built and should be run in the cloud.

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Good as gold

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Certified Kubernetes Service Provider

We know what we are doing and Azure is what we do. Yes, we are Gold partners to Microsoft in the areas which matters. Which is Cloud and Application development. Our customers tend to like us for what we do, which is proof that we are doing the right things.

Every project has an end goal and a path to achieve that goal

Our approach is unique for each project, but ultimately the goal is the same: a sustainable Azure ecosystem.

Case Studies


Redeploy helps identify and discover your as-is state, develop your business cases and strategies for adopting and moving to Azure. How? Why? When? Who? What are the benefits, the cost drivers / savings? Producing a Cloud Adoption business case / strategy ready to be implemented and executed on. We do this all the time for big enterprises, and we know what and how things should be done.



How should you bring your existing team into the cloud era? Who should do what? What skills are needed and not needed? How should you fit in a fast agile delivery model in your organization where traditional IT always ruled? Should you work according to BI-Model IT and SAFe? Or even doing a Skunk Works? We have helped several companies solving this problem, creating organizational models and teams that works for cloud.



To support business needs while providing users with the flexibility to use the powerful features of the cloud you need to implement and enforce a set of rules, guidelines and controls for a structured Azure delivery. It provides the people a foundation to create and attach new services without chaos and mayhem. With a good governance model and scaffolding, you make sure you got the foundation and capacity for an agile Azure delivery.



Techies! That is what we are. Right now, the Redeployers are probably getting dirty doing some really tricky stuff within Azure. We are the Devs and Ops in your Azure journey. We do architecture, design, migrations, automations, script and template coding, and all other hands-on tech stuff. Going IaaS, PaaS, containers or even serverless? Cool, let us help you in creating a working platform for your workloads.



The traditional layers of security do not always apply to Azure. Its depends of what kind of services and platform you run. Regardless of what delivery model your application is using, we can help making sure it is as secure as possible. Enforcing CIS framework or other standards will take you a bit in the right direction. We help with the rest.



Full stack operations for all your Azure resources. We build our CloudOps with the best tools available in Azure, third-party Azure based tools and our own code. If it supports JSON and WebHooks we integrate it! Automate all, what can’t be automated, we get the people for!

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Reliable uptimes so you get a good nights sleep

With our 24/7 Operations called CloudOps, we’re always keeping an eye on your applications. If things break, we fix them.

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